Doug Ivison's interim webpage

Douglas Ivison's website is undergoing transformation ;)  For now, the links below provide information about his Software Development, his interests and availability for Healing Facilitation, and about Brandon Bays' modality, The Journey.

New Additions:

For the original/full notes on our upcoming topic for Admirable Friends,
click here: Buddhist Love A
or here:     Buddhist Love B

Software Development -- SQL Server and HP3000

To find out about my expertise as a Software Developer, visit my page on Linked-In:

Summary:  Geek with people skills! ;)
I'm skilled both as an employee on teams, and as an autonomous consultant.
Technically:  under SQL Server (Windows NT platforms), I developed alot with T-SQL, VBScript, and DTS.
On MPE/iX (HP3000 platforms), I have broad experience, including COBOL, Image, SuprTool, and Cognos PowerHouse (Quiz, QTP).
Applications: I worked with Ecometry (MACS) in both environments, and with AMISYS on the HP-3000.
Major industries: eCommerce, direct-to-consumer retail, and HMOs (health care management).
I have some experience with website development -- HTML, Javascript, ASP -- but that is secondary to my experience with backend applications.

Healing Faciliation -- Brandon Bays' The Journey, Sedona Method, Reiki...

To find out more about my spiritual interests, and my involvement in CAM (complementary and alternative medicine), visit my page on MySpace:

Brandon Bays' The Journey -- sublinks

How would it be, if your reconciliation with yourself, others, and life was so deep, that it led to physical healing?
-- For more on this deep healing modality, (and a free intro CD), check out:
-- For workshops available near you, see:
-- To get a free chapter of Brandon's newest book (Freedom Is), click, and request the link be emailed to you.

Is Oneness Personal -- my old web page

I would not call my old webpage a work of art ;) but it does have some powerful content -- declarations re' healing and enlightenment, an integration of transformational concepts... and a worldview re' love and oneness, that you can use to transform relationships: unconditional love, conditional involvement.

For my old webpage, click here.

(My next step: make it *look* like an actual webpage, LOL.)

Love Energy to You and Yours